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about us and sustainability

Our story
The 3D Print Shop was imagined by Mark, in response to working in the design industry as a product designer and seeing mass manufacturing production and the use of non sustainable manufacturing processes. He wanted to create a more sustainable future in home accessories.

Our materials 
Filament is the material used in 3D printing. Strands of filament are fed into the printer, a bit like cotton on the wheel of a sewing machine, they are melted and then work in layers to produce the object.
We use Polylactic Acid (PLA) filament (don’t be put off by the name!). PLA Is considered eco-friendly because it is made from a renewable source, which largely comes from corn, it doesn’t release toxic fumes like other non eco filaments, is low heat resistant, recyclable and biodegradable over time. 

Our production 
3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that builds an object layer by layer until the finished product is complete. This means less waste, as we’re printing things from scratch, rather than starting with a block of material, like metal, cutting it and throwing away the bits we don’t use. 
Unlike mass production techniques, which tend to use high energy print processes, we are a small business using low energy 3D printing method and small scale production, reducing our carbon foot print. 
We have a continuous improvement culture and ongoing ambition to become more sustainable in every aspect of our business activities. We continually review what we do, identifying opportunities for change and making decisions that support us in creating a more sustainable future in home accessories. 

Our products  
The 3D Print shop offers a design and print service, whether you are a complete newcomer to 3D technologies or an expert CAD modeller, we can help. 
All the magic happens in our workshop in Bristol. The experienced team at the 3D Print Shop consist of qualified and highly skilled 3D Industrial Designers, Product Designers, and Engineers.
The 3D Print Shop has delivered many successful projects of all sizes and complexities using the latest 3D technologies, including small businesses and individuals in developing their own product prototypes. We have worked with Viridor, British Airways, NHS, BBC, Toyota, University of Bristol and Hippodrome Theatre + many more.
Check out the Laboratory of Things, our own sustainable product range.

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