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The dagger is a scaled up exact copy of the famous Royal Marine Commando dagger which all Royal Marine Commando's carry. It is set on a plinth at the HQ at Chivenor RMCB North Devon and the plinth is shaped the same as the badge the RMC's wear.

the dagger was made using a 3d printed pattern and then cast in solid aluminium, it was then stove enamelled in red.


Head Book Ends


Bespoke book ends for a transatlantic family. The bookends represent the literary collections from English and American literature which they support. There is a part American flag on both the inside and outside of one bookend and a Union Jack on the other.



Patchway War Memorial

Patchway War Memorial


Inspired by the First World War centenary celebrations, we designed and produced an innovative war memorial which commemorated previously unmemorialised First and Second World War servicemen.


The memorial structure was manufactured using a mix of traditional craft and innovative 3D technology. The main form was made of concrete blocks, which were moulded using 3D printed formers. The panels have been embellished with 54 handmade fused glass poppies: one for each serviceman. Alongside the poppies sit the names of each servicemen, now rightfully recognised in their home town.

Comments from Deputy Clerk Jack Turner, Patchway Town Council:

“Patchway Town Council would like to thank Mark and his team for pulling off this wonderful job. Sitting adjacent to our Remembrance Garden, this is the perfect way to honour the fallen of Patchway. We believe this creates a memorial for everyone in Patchway to proud of and is the perfect way to remember our fallen heroes”.


Making interiors unique

We were commissioned to design and 3D print a set of wall lamps for an Edwardian room in Cotham.


The lamps were designed to reflect the angles of the interior architecture of the room.

Each lamp was made in five pieces and was 3D printed in biodegradable PLA. The outer shade moves up and down to cast light in different directions as needed.

Ottilies wall lamps 02.jpg

Wall Lamps

Spear lamp for for web.jpg
Sphear lamp 01.jpg
2014-12-04 15.44.36_edited.jpg
2014-12-04 15.45.00.jpg

Round Table Lamp Type 1


Printed in one with an adjustable inner spear to use to shade the light bulb.


The material is biodegradable PLA made from 70% recycled stock.

Round Lamps