Pre-war automotive parts

Manufacturing historical parts

The prestigious Pre-War Austin Seven Club asked us to manufacture the battery terminal covers for a pre-war Austin Seven car.

The original parts were made from a bakelite material which has deteriorated over time.

We re-produced the new covers in ASA plastic which is temperature and weather resistant so will last the next 80 years!

More Projects


Photon electric motorcycle battery housing


Photon Electric Motorcycle Battery Housing

Photon is the electric version of the legendary Royal Enfield motorcycle. It is still made almost to its original specification in India.


Electric Classic Motorcycles have converted this amazing machine to run on electricity and we were delighted when they asked us to design and 3D print the battery housing.


The brief was to keep the bike's classic lines and draw inspiration from classic bikes of the period, as well as incorporating a modern flare.

Austin 3 litre badges 2.jpg

original part

3d print shop reproduction

Austin 3L Badges


Some classic car parts are now virtually impossible to find. This badge, for a 50 year old Austin 3L, had deteriorated to the point of not being repairable.


We made a pattern from it in PLA plastic and had the new badge sand cast in aluminium. They were then enamelled with a red background, then polished and lacquered.


Use the slider below to see the original part and the new part made by the 3D Print Shop.


Austin 3l badge


Lily-Mai's new arm

Lily-Mai's new arm

We were delighted to make a frozen themed prosthetic arm for 4 year old Lily-Mai.


Lily-Mai’s forearm became tangled in fibrous bands in the womb a condition known as amniotic band syndrome.

Her new arm is operated by flexing her elbow joint to move her fingers.